Gravel Epic | Etna

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Milo, Sicily, Mt Etna: Milo, Milo, Italy



  • Epic Course - Epic Course
  • Exploration Course - Exploration Course


A new race series for those who exult in the challenge of gravel riding: four events, four countries, four vastly different experiences that will get your heart pounding with anticipation and excitement while leaving you with an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. From the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, to the lava fields of Mt. Etna, to the green forests of Slovenia and the gravel roads of Girona, we have amazing experiences in store for those who love getting off the tarmac.


The second race of the series brings you to the stunning Mt Etna national park on sicily.  Arrive in Catania, Sicily and absorb the amazing history of the city. Founded in 8th BC Catania had been the victim of terrible earthquakes and eruptions of Mt. Etna. Etna dominates the landscape with smoke rising from its impressive crater.  Cycling on Mt Etna, through lava fields and forrests is an unforgettable experience.

While you are racing, we will make sure your whole family is having an equally good time with activities for everyone.  Hike up to the crater, go on a culinary tours or visit the historic center, the Gravel Epic race is an event for the whole family; racers, partners and kids.




Event details and schedule

race date: May 3, 2020

Epic Course                                                       Exploration Course

149km                                                              103km

3500m ascent                                                    3000m ascent

Technical level: 10/10                                          Technical level: 10/10

Difficulty level: 10/10                                           Difficulty level: 8/10

Expected median finish time: 10 hours                                                 7 hours

Organised by

World Epic Events Ltd

368 Hennessy Road, HK

Phone: +852 94611616

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